Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Today we lost an icon, a champion of those less fortunate, one who gave a voice to those without one. When I heard the news of Senator Ted Kennedy's death, it felt like the world was standing still. I cannot imagine a world without his tireless efforts for those of us with disabilities and more. He was truly a champion of equal rights. His presence in this world will be greatly missed and our world is diminished by his loss.
When his sister Eunice died, I referred to her as a role model to me. As a tribute to both of them it is now our turn to continue to work and fight for the rights of those with disabilities. Let us follow their example. Even a small victory will pay them tribute and show our great appreciation. Their legacy was to light the torch of public service and create opportunities for all. Let us now take up that torch. By doing that , Senator Kennedy and his sister Eunice will not only live on in our memories, they will live on in our actions.

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Marlena Kelley said...

Sharon, I could not agree more. I had the privilege of meeting Senator Kennedy at the U.S. Capitol several years ago and he was a true gentleman. He stood for what was right in this country: equal justice and equal rights. He was a man truly ahead of his time and we will surely miss him. His work is now to be carried on by others,for God has him now.